Cilantro-Lime Salmon Burgers


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I think I've made salmon pretty much every way you can make it.  Or at least I thought I had, until now.  I was a bit skeptical of the salmon patty.  Never seemed appealing to me, and I'm actually … [Read more...]

Chicken Parmesan Casserole


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Old school casseroles have like… four ingredients in them…. with potato chips on top.  The occasional cornflake topping made an appearance if mother decided father needed to watch his cholesterol. … [Read more...]

Chorizo & Sweet Potato Enchiladas


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Who knew a tiny little city, which by the way I have never heard of, could kidnapped my fireman this week.  Hays, Kansas and pheasants in the rooster form.  November is here, and that means so is … [Read more...]

Citrus Ginger Chicken


I made a mistake.  Well.. I guess it wasn't an entirely horrible mistake.  Let me explain.  My fireman made a trip to the store for me when I had a particularly busy week.  I make it super easy on him … [Read more...]

Roasted Sweet Potato & Chicken Risotto


Last week my fireman and I went to dinner with one of our favorite couple friends.  It was way overdue for us to catch up, so we decided to meet at one of my favorite restaurants to do just that.  As … [Read more...]

Chicken Pita Wrap

You can’t seem to drop the extra pounds, your cholesterol is on an upward climb, and your blood pressure is far from regulated- even though you’re eating “healthy”? A review of studies by John Hopkins … [Read more...]

Spanish Bistro Chicken


This recipe is a take off a classic Bistro Chicken I've made in the early days of Chocolate Broccoli.  Like WAY early days.  A little over two years later, I have done a remake- but with a spicy … [Read more...]

Bean & Cheese Enchiladas


This meal rounds out our week of meatless meals.  I better be careful using that word.. meatless.  An American obsession with meat justifies the serving of mega-burgers, foot-longs, and frisbee-sized … [Read more...]

Mexican Stuffed Poblanos


My Fireman and I were out of town this weekend , yet again for family wedding (we spent a beautiful 4-days in a cabin last week with our Supper Club group)  Two weekends in a row of all-you-can eat … [Read more...]

Pumpkin Alfredo with Scallops


I was chatty Kathy with a friend of mine this week about recipe planning and development and we started going back and forth about pasta and sauce..and finally landed on the versatility of a basic … [Read more...]