Fitness Friendly Pre-Workout Snacks


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If you exercise frequently, it's important to eat a well-rounded diet-and to eat frequently. If you haven't eaten all day and then work out, your body doesn't have the glucose it needs to function. … [Read more...]

Top 5 Calorie Burning Workouts for the Time-Pressed Professional


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Keeping active is a critical factor in helping you lose weight and keep it off for good- but how do you start with your crazy all over the map schedule?  At work by eight in the morning and home close … [Read more...]

Are Your Running Shoes Past Their Prime?

A pair of well-worn athletic shoes deserves retirement is isolated on white.

A common issue for runners, walkers and fitness enthusiasts alike is knowing when to replace running shoes.  Although the title singles out the running shoe, this applies to all types of athletic … [Read more...]

Get the Facts for Your 2012 Resolutions


It is January 2nd of 2012- do you know what that means?  New Year's Resolutions.  For most people, this means a time for weight loss, hitting the gym, and the out with the old, in with the new … [Read more...]