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Yesterday I got a fun email from Danielle at requesting permission to publish a few of my recipes.  Well- duh!  Of course you can!  Among the many casserole recipes on CB (because nothing says comfort like it!)  she chose the following so far:

My Recipe Redux  Bok Choy Gratin- which doesn’t surprise me.  It kills it on Pinterest, so you know its good.  Let me tell you, it IS good, and different.  I hadn’t really had experience with bok choy before playing around with this recipe.  Here is a link to my Bok Choy Gratin recipe on her website.    

This recipe gives me that yummy warm feeling in my belly-  Pinapple Teriyaki Meatloaf.  It is a play off classic meatloaf with an Asian twist.  By the way- it is YUM.  I think I need to make this again.  Maybe mini meatloaves this time.  Who cares that it is 97 degrees out.  I can always eat meatloaf.  (Click here to see it on 

Link over to see this Shrimp & Rice Casserole courtesy of my sweet Supper Club friend Diana.  That dinner was delish!  My Fireman had three helpings (hello, portion control.)  

I love fellow foodie link-ups :)   Happy Friday!!


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