Eight Pounds

With the July 4th weekend in full swing- stores of all varieties are prompted to host incredible sales- One of which benefitted not only my pocketbook, but my belly as well.  Grocery store adds made my counter top colorful and patriotic this weekend with various advertised deals.. from $0.99 cent asparagus bundles to $3.99 seedless watermelons..and I must mention: $1.99/pound for Extra Lean Ground Beef.  For Serious.  The catch was that you couldn’t get just one pound and be done with it.  The beef came in value packs, ranging from 2lbs and up to 4lbs.  These value packs worked just fine for me.. I have a delightful kitchen gadget to help me portion out perfect one pound bags of beef for freezing.

My Kitchen Scale.  Oh how i love thee.  Cooking Light has deemed the scale to be an Essential Kitchen Tool..and this dietitian agrees! How else are you to measure the correct amount of cheese or make sure that pieces of meat, poultry, and fish are the specified size needed for your recipe.. and not to mention how crucial it comes to play when meal planning for caloric control- keeping portions in check is key! 
Upon recieving mine for my birthday this past year (yes, rather than jewelry or pampering things..I ask for things like new dinner plates or a kitchen scale) I use it for so many things!  
Available at most department stores, and my favorite; WS.. Be sure to pick one up for yourself.  Never know when that value pack is going to make it’s way to your shopping buggy.   


  1. Heather @ Sweet Sins says:

    I can't live without my cooking scale! It makes everything turn out better and makes you very aware of just how much food equals how many ounces!

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