Drunk Puttanesca Pasta

Pasta Putanesca

Ramen Noodle Inhaler: Thanks for dinner, sis- that was awesome.  I love pasta. Chocolate Broccoli: Ya- you are so very welcome!  Two bowls- glad to see you enjoyed it!  I am actually a little … [Read more...]

Buffalo Bleu Turkey Bowl

Buffalo Bleu Turkey Bowl

Hot Wings..typical beer-drinking-all-American-Sunday-afternoon-staple.  Football is thrown in there somewhere.. and although football season has come and gone at the moment, (forever in my heart, for … [Read more...]

Two-Bean Burger with Avocado-Cilantro Mayo

Two Bean Burgers

For you're meatless Monday (or whatever day you choose..) stear away from meat this way- and oh boy, you need this black bean burger in your life- definitly better than anything you will get out of a … [Read more...]

Earth Week

 I few weeks back I was contacted by H-E-B/Central Market about sampling The Central Market brand offered by H-E-B.  They expressed to me that CM 'represents a passion for food and a … [Read more...]

Salad Greens with Barley & Chickpeas

barley salad

Did you know that you can lower and manage your cholesterol with diet? Fiber in the diet is key! But.. WHAT IS FIBER? Plants contain materials that our bodies are unable to digest and that material … [Read more...]

Break the Fast of Hunger

With breakfast! You cannot possibly get on your way to work without gas in your car- so how do you think you can start your day without the proper fueling of your body? A doll-of-a-dietitian friend of … [Read more...]

Chipotle Shrimp Tortilla Soup

Tortilla Shrimp Soup

Saturday night, dinner was almost ready- a sprinkle of garlic powder on the dinner rolls before sliding them into the oven was all that was left to do. I swung open the pantry to grab the seasoning- … [Read more...]