French Onion & Mushroom Soup


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I've gone Meatless again :)  Please don't hesitate to try this recipe- maybe just don't save it for a weeknight meal when you have just gotten home at 5:30 or 6pm.. What about Sunday for your Monday?  … [Read more...]

Mediterranean Turkey Grilled Panini


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What GORGEOUS weather it has been!  Mother Nature is giving a true tease for the approaching Spring season.  This weekend was quite the lazy one.. my computer decided it didn't like my power cord any … [Read more...]

Love ‘Stuff-ed’ on Monday

Happy Valentine's Day to all you sweet lovies!  It's Valentine's Day, and while this is mostly a holiday assiting florists and greeting card companies in being set for the remainder of … [Read more...]


Seems to be a little out of order here.  I'm stuck inside of my house because of the apparent sheet of ice covering my driveway this morning preventing my arrival to work. no one … [Read more...]

Light Start

Good Morning, Monday!  I'm not so sure I am welcoming you all that well this day- the day after a late night of Super Bowl fun.. I think I am still stuffed from the yummy 'football' food I had … [Read more...]