Right Down 2 the Ounce

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After almost a week at attemting to blog and fighting with my computer, I’ve finally been able to sit for a second to post. No recipe this time, but soon!!  I have quite a few in the works at the moment :)  As I have done before, I want to offer up another one of my favorite kitchen gadgets- the mini measuring cup. My, my, HOW can I live without this leeeetle guy?  It is probably the cutest gadget I have in my kitchen, and I use it EVERYday.  No joke.  Measuring my coffee creamer first thing for my morning Joe, Measuring the salad dressing for my garden salad at lunch, and not to forget the olive oil to heat in my skillet when preparing my pan seared tilapia or chicken at dinner time.  How easy can all these things I’ve mentioned go from good to not-so-good when over used.  My healthy lunch salad loaded with chickpeasand veggies quickly becomes a waistbuster when I add way too much dressing.  Not to mention how easy it is to go overboard with coffee creamer, when the serving size is a measly tablespoon.  If you are like me with coffee creamer, they don’t have near enough low fat versions, so I still stick with the regular kinds, but use my handy leeettle measuring cup to make sure I keep in moderation. 

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 Good news is that you don’t have to go to some specialty cooking store to pick one up for about $4.  Of course there is Sur la Table, Crate and Barrel, too- but you can totally grab one of these at BBB (Bed, Bath and Beyond) or even Target.  Happy measuring!  I think you will be surprised at all of the things you can measure.  The possibilities are endless!  ;)

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