Gnocchi with Shrimp, Asparagus & Pesto


Potatoes. Truly one of the best-loved vegetables.  Even with French fries out of the question,  those of us who eat and enjoy a variety of vegetables, potatoes rank in the top for fan favorite. We … [Read more...]

Chicken Marsala


My fireman has a favorite dish from a popular restaurant, known for their extensive menu.  We don't frequent that often, so when we do go he gets the same thing everytime.  I mean, EVERY time.  … [Read more...]

Monte Cristo Sandwich


The Monte Cristo.  This sandwich was originally served in 1910 in a Paris cafe, but resembled closer to a grilled cheese sandwich (umm, yes, another none of those 'never gets old 'kid foods'.) stacked … [Read more...]

Roasted Golden Pepper Hummus


It’s the middle of the afternoon..lunch was three hours ago, long gone and in the tail end of digestion, (depending on what you ate) and then it starts. The infamous growling. How I dispise you.  You … [Read more...]


I have mentioned it before--Brown bagging it to work, school etc. can save money, calories, and overall be more enjoyable for your lunch break. Vending machine snacks are loaded with sugar, fat and … [Read more...]

Got 30 Minutes?

I got dinner for you!  A super easy dinner at that!  Lately I've been scrambling for ideas for simple and delicious recipes, but hold the 'healthy' title, too.  Life, for some … [Read more...]

Crispy Baked Veggie Spring Rolls


Thai food is one of my favorites (if you can't already tell by the numerous Asian inspired posts.) Most often I can find something on the menu that holds excellent flavor, fresh ingredients and is … [Read more...]

Marshmallow Fruit Dip


A great source of fiber, studies have shown that whole fruit helps keep you feeling fuller longer.  In one study, Purdue researchers gave 20 people an apple, applesauce, or apple juice.  Those who … [Read more...]

Spinach & Shrimp Quesadillas


It seems like an oxy moron, doesn't it?  Healthy convenience?  Although it is true that most convenience foods are awefully high in (saturated) fat and laden with salt, but I am here to say, yes, … [Read more...]