Cous KOOO?

This past weekend I accidentally got in the line with the checker that continued to make tacky and cheesey jokes the entire time he was checking me 8am in the morning. (I beat the crowd on a … [Read more...]

Not Always What They Seem…


It might seem logical to pick an entree with green leafy vegetables as the base- making for a sneaky entrance for those extra (EXTRA) calories.  Don't be fooled by some of these familiar items on your … [Read more...]

Starch Comfort

I get so tired of the same old side dishes.  I'm one of those that is not satisfied until I have a 'complete' and nutritionally balanced plate.  What I mean is- I like my protein (meat or … [Read more...]

No Need to Miss the Cut


Let's get the skinny on beef.  Don’t be so quick to cross out red meat from your grocery list--just as long as you are selecting the healthier cuts. For instance, 3 ounces of lean sirloin steak has … [Read more...]

Peanut Butter Balls

Last weekend I spent the majority of my Saturday with some fellow RD friends.  In passing, my Sports Dietitian friend was talking with another, and I came into the conversation somewhere.. oh, "balls … [Read more...]

Bolognese, not Bologne!

Bolognese..or bolognaise, not too sure which one to use.  Either way you say it, the definition is always the same.  The traditional recipe confines the ingredients to beef, pancetta, … [Read more...]

Chipotle Bean Dip


It is pretty surprising that the most minute changes in a recipe can change the nutritional value drastically.  Take for example this recipe- using the regular ingredients, the caloric cost difference … [Read more...]

Have You Seen It?

More from Market Street and Chocolate Broccoli!Check me out-- Click HERE … [Read more...]

It’s Tricky

Buttermilk.  What is it exactly? Well, one might think- 'hello, put two and two together.  Butter and milk- its butter-laden-milk.'  Many find themselves under the umbrella … [Read more...]