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Summer- Ahhhhh, yes.  Sunshine, swimming pools, tank tops and flippy flops (Which in turn gives me a fabulous excuse to say 'I really need a pedicure'.)  LOVE IT.  Oh, and not to forget … [Read more...]

You Add What?

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Again, another one of those topics that feed the airwaves of our media venues-Artificial sweeteners. Whether it be cancer-causing or promoting weight-gain, or even causing death.  (I think I got … [Read more...]

In an Instant

Traditional rice preparation can often take 30 minutes and even longer if you have selected the brown version. On a busy weeknight, walking in at 6:30pm famished and ready to tear … [Read more...]

Finding Yourself Distorted?

I think we have all heard the phrase 'portion distortion'.  At least twice a week I see something along those lines pop up on my home screen and then, not to forget there are the … [Read more...]

Making Up

Bad Blogger.  Bad, BAD, blogger.  BUT- I have a perfect excuse- internship. Oh my Geez- it has been keeping my beyond busy the past several weeks, as I have been finishing up my last … [Read more...]

Market Street Loves Nutrition!!


Chocolate Broccoli is featured as a guest blogger on Market Street's Health and Wellness Blog for the DFW area.  Check me out as I offer recipes, nutrition info and more!  I appreciate this … [Read more...]