Taste of Summer

Happy Memorial Day!!!  To me this holiday means the start of the summer- and the start of backyard BBQ's, swim suits, and flippy flops!!  So, running down my checklist: Charcoal?  … [Read more...]

Put the Lime in the Coconut..

Coconuts are seen by some as a miracle food, supposedly helping to protect and cure the body of internal and external ailments, build up the immune system and the body's defenses.  Coconut milk … [Read more...]

Skillet Baked Eggs on Toast

Eggs.  They get the bad rap, thats for sure.  Their reputation is slandered by the idea that egg yolks are off-limits.  The 'C' word is mentioned, and all those concerned about heart health go … [Read more...]

Why Fry??

Ore-Ida, most famous for their many potato products, report that Americans consume a whopping 4.5 billion pounds of french fries each year. In an interview with Time magazine, back in 1973, … [Read more...]

Tis So Sweet

I had every intention of posting this for a Mother's Day treat..but, a. LIFE in general got in the way..and b. I came home to find and bowl full of lonely strawberry tops on the counter and my … [Read more...]

Jerky Bird

Do you buy ground Turkey because you believe it’s leaner than ground beef? Think again. It can be if you read the label, but don’t choose a hunk of the white meat and assume it is the healthier … [Read more...]

My $125,000 Entry

A healthy diet is the best defense against the leading cause of death in the United States- Heart Disease. After browsing the  American Heart Association website I came across what they have … [Read more...]

Not All Created Equal

I feel like I need to clear something up..what seems to be a common misconception among people I come across.  I often post on my facebook page what I am cooking for dinner and 99% of the time it … [Read more...]