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Healthy Tech

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The holidays have left me with my head spinning..STILL. My house is a wreck and my suitcase is still packed! My hubby and I decided to take a trip with some good friends of ours over New Years–which was a BLAST..Vegas, BayBay!! Ok, so there were lines for everything, and rowdy people, no matter what time of the day it was. But, we still had a great time :) For the plane ride I was searching my iPhone for different games..or any interesting app for the almost three hour flight to Sin City. I came across several that were legit regarding health and wellness. If you have an iPhone, and you’re like have enough apps installed to run your whole life from the palm of your hand. (I even had an app for my Christmas Shopping List/Budget!!) This should include living well and keeping your diet on track, too! Here are a few that I found were pretty great and most helpful!

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EatRight ($1.99) This app shows you all of the food groups you should eat from every day. Tap a food group when you’ve eaten a serving. If you eat everything you’re supposed to, the app will make a note of it. You can also track water and sweets/fats and view a simple log of the past week. It’s easy to use, which means it’s easy to keep using. The serving examples on the flipside of the app screen will help you decide how many servings of fruit are in the slice of watermelon you just ate, or how many grains servings are in your bowl of rasin bran (a little fruit with that one too!).

True Nutrition ($0.99) Do you want to know just how many calories are in that snack? The True Nutrition app can help tell you just that and much more.
Many foods have confusing nutrition labels that have unusual serving sizes. When you input the foods nutrition information into the True Nutrition app it will quickly calculate the true values for you. True Nutrition has a familiar, easy to use format that allows you to quickly enter information right off the foods nutrition label.

Shelf Life ($1.99) This app allows you to keep track of all that delicious fresh produce you just brought home from the market. This helpful app assists you with how long the perishable will last and color codes for fresh, past prime, and inedible.

LocaVore ($2.99) This app keeps you updated on everything you need to
know to eat locally, from which foods are in season in your area to where to find the next farmer’s market to how to cook your lucky findings. The Locavore app is a great solution for someone who wants to switch to local eating and doesn’t want to spend an hour on the computer researching food each time they want to make a meal.

I’m not saying go out and purchase ALL of these..I just thought these were helpful to me. With the thousands upon thousands iPhone applications, find one or two that would be most helpful to you personally. Gotta love that iPhone!

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