Handy Gadget

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Last weekend I was completing my Saturday afternoon ritual of chopping, dicing, and scraping out seeds of jalepeno’s and yellow peppers, getting them ready for the weekly batch of my Homemade Salsa Roja. (I put it on EVERYTHING. NO Joke…try it on a baked potato-serious goodness. OR over an egg white scramble with lean ham, onion, and tomato..Oo-Oo, OR–wrapped with melted part-skim mozzarella in a whole wheat tortilla..ok, Amber–FOCUS>>>Jalepenos.) Most of the time I’m pretty careful and wash my hands diligently to prevent the dreaded jalepeno burn from getting anywhere but the bottom of my kitchen sink. MOST OF THE TIME. Not this time. Sunday morning I woke up for church..did the usual cat stretch in my bed…and rubbed my eyes. Mistake #1. OWWWWWWWEEEEEEE. Burn..no..more like-BURN!!!! Even after I showered and drowned my eyes with about 32348997 gallons of water, still, BURNing. Makeup was out of the question. Finally, I started to cool it out and the burn began to relieve. Fast forward several hours..mind you, after a shower and many hand washings. Watching Sunday afternoon football, and doing internship homework.. insert pointer finger into mouth. BURN. My mouth was on fire. WHAT is this- a mutant super jalepeno? or was it the yellow pepper? Mistake #2. Immeadiately I go for some dairy product.. Light Yogurt- works for me. Burn pretty much gone, and way easier to manage than Mistake #1.

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3 days later I was at the mall and shopping at William Sonoma (best store EVER!) and saw one lonely little gadget on the bottom shelf. This gadget: A Pepper Corer

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The package states: ” Just insert and twist, and the tool’s serrated sides separate the core and seeds from small to medium-sized peppers. V-shaped teeth in the blade help extract the contents all at once. ” EUREKA! Fantastic, just what I need–three days-two-puffy-eyes-and- one-burning-and-tingly-mouth ago.

I have to say-> best small gadget I own in my kitchen. Never will I have to go to church without makeup again!


  1. Shelbi and Preston Rampy says:

    I have SO done that before! I now wear latex gloves when I cut peppers but that pepper corer looks like a great invention to me!!!

  2. I am so sorry but this is hilarious!!! lol I am glad your eyes are ok though!

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