It Does a Body Good

Chocolate Milk. So delicious..So, creamy..YUMMY goodness. So, I have a little bit of an obsession with chocolate milk. I Love It. It is really a treat for me though, because if I allowed myself to drink it as much as I actually want it..well, I would have enough calcium to provide for a small country. This all started when I was an avid runner, running about 8-10 miles everyday. I would drink chocolate milk after my work out for muscle recovery and as a good high carb post exercise snack. Now that I don’t run as much anymore :( I still love this treat just because. When I do drink chocolate milk, I really prefer to have to low fat versions, as they provide the same variety of vitamins and minerals as the whole milk product. Low fat dairy, to me, is just as yummy with out the added saturated fats most of them provide.
So..I am always up for trying new things that I come across during my weekly shopping trips. This week I found my new favorite product: Over the Moon Chocolate Milk
Over the Moon milk products is fortified with extra protein and calcium, and the very best part- It’s FAT-FREE!! :) SWEET!!!! So, I will be enjoying my chocolate milk a little more often to help get my recommended 3 cups of dairy/day .


  1. Yum! I had a craving for chocolate milk today and made some with chocolate topping and lite white. I used my frother attachment that came with my KMix to make it more of a cafe style milkshake.

    Great to see a dietician recommends chocolate milk and also great to see you are a runner. I just completed my first half marathon. I wish I new about this before. Would have been a good excuse to drink chocolate milk. Great blog.


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